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TECHFIT 2014 Teacher PD Program

The TECHFIT project demonstrates the impact information technology has on our world by inspiring the next generation of innovators to design and implement technology-based fitness games that will get people moving and having fun while simultaneously and positively improving their health.

As of August 2015, TECHFIT has offered four sets of six-day professional development programs for a total of sixteen teams of middle school teachers in two different states: Indiana and South Carolina. The Indiana program is offered at the Purdue University campus in West Lafayette, Indiana. The South Carolina program is offered at the College of Charleston in Charleston, South Carolina.

The TECHFIT research lab is housed in WANG 4085. Guests are invited to contact the project leader to arrange a visit to see the technology and software in action with prototype exergames. Teachers and school officials interested in participating in future offerings of TECHFIT should contact the project leaders using the email link in the footer.

TECHFIT is made possible by a grant from the National Science Foundation and is administered and taught by Purdue's College of Technology faculty in collaboration with faculty from the College of Charleston and experienced educational consultants.

2014 TECHFIT Showcase at Purdue

2014 TECHFIT Purdue Showcase-Group Photo

TECHFIT is fun for students and teachers