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What is TECHFIT?

TECHFIT (Teaching Engineering Concepts to Harness Future Innovators and Technologists) seeks to spark STEM interest in middle school children by demonstrating the impact information and technology have on our world and inspiring this next generation of innovators to design and implement technology-based fitness games to get people moving and having fun while simultaneously and positively improving their health. TECHFIT is made possible through two grants from the National Science Foundation and strong industry partnerships: While the original TECHFIT grant awarded in October 2013 focused on afterschool programs for middle school students, the second grant awarded in September 2016 built on TECHFIT with a focus on computational thinking in both afterschool and in-school contexts.

As of August 2020, TECHFIT has offered twelve sets of PD programs to over 180 middle school teachers from over 80 middle schools in sixteen different states: Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin. Faculty at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana, provide STEM+computing instruction to TECHFIT teachers, while consultants with health and kinesiology expertise provided fitness instruction.

Use the other links to learn more about TECHFIT, including video submissions by teams that participated in past TECHFIT programs.

December 2020 National Showcase Results
  1. TEAM WINNER: Hayward MS
  2. INDIVIDUAL WINNER: Mike OCallaghan MS-C Dickinson's class
  3. TEAM RUNNER-UP: Poplar Grove MS
  4. INDIVIDUAL RUNNER-UP: Barber MS-A Bush's class
December 2020 Video Showcase
  1. People's Choice Winner: Claremore Sequoyah MS

Teacher PD programs

Due to the current social distancing measures in place nationwide, the 2020 PD was offered virtually via Web-Ex and Google Classroom. Support for schools currently teaching TECHFIT, whether remotely or in-person, is available through grant funding through the end of December 2020. After that, TECHFIT leaders will continue their work through a small business, which will carry modest costs for schools. For teachers interested in teaching TECHFIT this fall who were unable to attend the summer PD, contact the project leader using the email link in the footer with your contact details and statement of interest. If there is sufficient interest, an additional virtual PD may be offered on weekends over several weeks at no cost and include stipends for successful completion of program objectives demonstrated via active attendance/participation, timely submission of homework assignments, etc. Use the contact link in the footer to send inquiries to the project manager.

TECHFIT Afterschool 2015

TECHFIT 2016 Showcase

School Teams at 2014 TECHFIT Showcase at Purdue

2014 TECHFIT Purdue Showcase-Group Photo

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