TECHFIT - Afterschool Workbook Links

The following is a list of web links referenced in the TECHFIT afterschool workbook, organized by suggested lessons.

1-Introductions Fitnessgram tutorial videos
BMI Calculator
2-Intro to TECHFIT PE Central Fitness Challenge Videos
MLSPE You Tube Channel
"FORGET YOU" - CeeLo - Kids dance workout with Benjamin Allen
PE Central Log It
3-Using Software Tools Quizlet - Scratch
Scratch website-download Scratch 1.4
4-Programming with Scratch N/A
5-Intro to NanoNavigator NanoNavigator Download (Be sure to get version 4.4.1-English only)
USDA's website
GoNoodle website
SchoolTube website
Quizlet - NanoNavigator
6-Programming NanoNavigator Download NanoNavigator 4.4.1 (English only)
PE Central Cooperative Skills Challenge
7-Intro to Electornic Components and Safety Electronics Tutorials
Fooducate website
GoNoodle website
Quizlet - Controller
8-Advanced NanoNavigator Programming Fooducate website
9-Exergame Brainstorming Fooducate website
PE Central Log It
10-Exergame Refinement Cosmic Yoga website
11-TECHFIT Teams N/A
12-Project Preparation and Team Progress Reports Cooperative Skills Challenge
Cooperative Fitness Challenge
13-Project Prep & Progress Reports by S&L + M&A Teams N/A
14-Project Prep & Progress Reports by B&T Game Demo N/A
15-Project Prep & Progress Reports by P&G + C&S Teams N/A
16-Project Prep & Progress Reports N/A
17-Project Presentation N/A
18-Enhance and Correct N/A
19-Dress Rehearsal N/A
20-School Assembly/Presentation N/A

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