TECHFIT - Our Team

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."...Margaret Meade.

The project team includes faculty in Information Technology, Manufacturing Technology, Teacher Education, and Exercise Physiology. An advisory board comprised of science and technology education faculty, experienced secondary school teachers, a learning center director, afterschool program directors, and industry experts guide the team. Each team member's profile is shown below. If you are interested in joining our team as an industry partner, please refer to the Industry menu link.

Project Team


  • Brad Harriger, TECHFIT PI, Professor of Mechanical Engineering Technology, Purdue University
  • Alka Harriger, TECHFIT co-PI & Project Manager, Professor of Computer and Information Technology, Purdue University
  • Mike Flynn, TECHFIT co-PI, Professor of Health and Human Performance, College of Charleston
  • Susan Flynn, TECHFIT co-PI, Instructor, Teacher Education, College of Charleston

Student Assistants

  • Sheifali Khare, Graduate Student, Computer and Information Technology, Purdue University
  • Jessica Green, Graduate Student, College of Charleston

  • Shivam Aggarwal, Student, Actuarial Science and Applied Statistics, Purdue University
  • Nick Burgess, Student, Chemical Engineering, Purdue University
  • Derek Dolen, Student, Computer and Information Technology, Purdue University
  • Kyle Miller, Student, School of Engineering Technology, Purdue University
  • Micaela Mlikota, Student, Freshmen Engineering, Purdue University
  • Shivank Tibrewal, Student, Computer and Information Technology, Purdue University

Advisory Board

Afterschool Program Advisors

  • Debbie Zipes, Executive Director, Indiana Afterschool Network, Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Terry K. Peterson, Senior Fellow and Director, Afterschool and Community Learning Network, Chair of the National Board of the Afterschool Alliance, South Carolina

Educational Consultants

  • Brenda Capobianco, Associate Professor of Science Education & Engineering Education (courtesy), Department of Curriculum & Instruction, Purdue University, Purdue University
  • Todd Kelley, Associate Professor, Technology, Leadership and Innovation, Purdue University
  • Wilella Burgess, Managing Director of Discovery Learning Research Center, Purdue University
  • Steve Florence, Manager, Technical Services/Manufacturing and Making, Mechanical Engineering, Purdue University

Industry Supporters

  • Ron Baysinger, Director of Industry Solutions Management, Phoenix Contact
  • Will Healy III, Strategic Marketing Manager, Balluff Inc.
  • Automation Direct