TECHFIT Testimonials

The following is a list of comments (testimonials) sent to TECHFIT staff from participants and others about the TECHFIT experience.


  1. "About a week before this started, my mom asked me what I wanted to do when I grow up. And I said, ‘I don’t really know.’ And I came here, and I was like, ‘I want to do this. I want to program,'" Colby Phillips (5th grade student at Lafayette Sunnyside Intermediate School)Source of quote: WLFI.Com article about TECHFIT team
  2. "I loved tech fit! It was a great experience and a once in a lifetime opportunity. I learned many things that will help me in my future plans."RP (7th grade student at Winamac Middle School)
  3. "The game was a really unique and fun concept, and it was nice to be able to do something different while having it still be educational. I'm really glad I had the opportunity to be a part of it." AG (7th grade student at Winamac Middle School)
  4. "I liked techfit because it showed how to work with technology and how it works and pays off. It shows how we could use skills about technology everyday. Learning technology through techfit showed me what my future could look like. It taught me that technology is put in to almost everything we do." HS (student at Woodlan Jr/Sr High School)
  5. "I really enjoyed TechFit. The program was a great experience that taught us skills that we can use in the future. I am happy I was able to be part of the class." PK (7th grade student at Winamac Middle School)
  6. "I thought it was nice to use things that I learned in school to do something important for our team." KS (7th grade student at Hughes Academy of Science and Technology who created the keys using the 3D printer and corresponding computer program.)
  7. "TechFit was very fun and educational for me. I enjoyed it because I learned how to wire machines to a motherboard, got to do hands on activities, and was able to go to Purdue University at the end of it. I also got to spend a lot of time with my friends who did join as well. I also had a very good time making the posters and flyers to place around our school." CL (student at Woodlan Jr/Sr High School)
  8. "It was a fun experience! I do think there should be certain requirements to join if it is made into a class since it is kind of hard sometimes. I really liked it though, and think it’s an awesome program."KT (6th grade student at Hughes Academy of Science and Technology)
  9. "I thought it was really fun and I really didn’t expect to learn as much as I did. I felt proud to be able to be in TechFit!" DH (7th grade student at Hughes Academy of Science and Technology)
  10. "In techfit I had a lot of fun. I made new friends and learned stuff. It was fun making the scratch project. Well, it was frustrating at times, but for the most part it was fun. I did most of the making them move, and someone else did the artwork. I wish I could do it more or do something a lot like it. I was sad we did not win, but I did have a fun bus ride home." DA (student at Woodlan Jr/Sr High School)
  11. "I liked TechFit because I got hangout with friends. I was also making new friends. I liked are groups. I enjoyed the fitness part. Even the building and things were fun. I was in the marketing group so I learned how to do many things. In my group we wrote letters to companies and made posters to advertise." JB (student at Woodlan Jr/Sr High School


  1. "TechFit was a remarkable experience for our students and staff. Not only did it provide real-life skills in the STEM field, but it also demonstrated to our students what remarkable tasks they can accomplish when they are truly dedicated and engaged in a project." Cody Hook (TECHFIT teacher and 7th grade social studies teacher at Winamac Middle School)
  2. "We are loving it. Truly a STEAM, student centered program. Thank you for this opportunity!"Gwendolynn Shealy (TECHFIT teacher and Magnet Coordinator at Hughes Academy of Science and Technology)
  3. "As a teacher in a rural school corporation TechFit allowed our students to participate in coding by developing a fun exergame. It was great to see the enthusiasm on their faces."Darlene Gordon (TECHFIT teacher and 7th grade science teacher at Winamac Middle school)
  4. "As a Physical Education teacher, I believe that the TechFit program is perfect for students in today's day and age. Because this generation of student is so technologically advanced and typically enjoys all things involving technology, a program that involves both fitness and electronic components is ideal. I also enjoy having the opportunity to see the students who typically shy away from fitness activities and gravitate toward an electronic device or screen, both participate in and enjoy a variety of fitness activities."Sarah Solesbee (TECHFIT teacher and Health and Physical Education teacher at Hughes Academy of Science and Technology)
  5. "TechFit is a very challenging, but rewarding experience for both the students and staff. I think we all learned from the opportunity."Tim Roth (TECHFIT teacher and 7th grade math teacher at Winamac Middle School)
  6. "I think TechFit is beneficial because our students are getting physical fitness in addition to learning STEM skills for the future."...Jamie Estok (7th grade English/Language Arts teacher at Winamac Middle School)

Other School Officials

  1. Letter to TECHFIT teacher Terri Johnston (EPES School Board member and parent of TECHFIT student)
  2. "Having TechFit as a part of Winamac Community Middle School this school year was amazing. It was a great learning opportunity that our students and teachers really embraced and got excited about. When my 7th grade teachers approached me about bringing TechFit to WCMS, I especially got excited to bring in the coding aspects with the use of the Scratch program for our students, as we do not have any match prior. The final project that our students were able to build/put together was far above any of my original expectations. Throughout this school year our school board and superintendent have been very much in favor of TechFit. They closely have kept tabs on our students' progress and learning opportunities. Finally, the community was also kept in the loop and excited about the TechFit program. Seeing the growth and pride in the students' final project was very apparent! I saw TechFit as a win-win in 2015-16, as it was meaningful for our students and a great public relations piece. Can it get better than that?" Ryan Dickinson (Winimac Middle school Principal)


  1. Letter to TECHFIT teacher Terri Johnston (EPES School Board member and parent of TECHFIT student)
  2. "We were very pleased with the Tech Fit program. It allowed our daughter to participate in ways that she may not have otherwise done. She was also able to take on a leadership role, which was outside her comfort zone, but which gave her the opportunity to make decisions and to try out her leadership skills. She also learned the value of delegating work, so everyone was able to participate equally and to the best of their ability. She not only had the chance to use her creativity by making videos and helping to design their game, but was also active and learned the importance of an active lifestyle. Combining technology and fitness is a great way to get younger generations to stay fit and we would really like to see the program continue in the Eastern Pulaski School Corporation." Jay and Sarah Schooler (parents of TECHFIT students)

Feedback from student post-program surveys

Responses from students in the 2014 afterschool program to the question: AFTER participating in the TECHFIT afterschool program, did your / career goal change?
  1. "I want my career to be with something around computers."
  2. "from a vet to a computer scientist"
  3. "it did not change, but instead gave me a little insight into my career path"
  4. "I want my career to be something in technology. I want to work with software, and computers. "
  5. "Yes now I want to be a manufacturing engineer."
  6. "I now am considering doing some sort of engineering career"
  7. "I want to become a Computer Programmer ( Game Developer )."
  8. "I would like to do something in engineering or designing."
  9. "During the program I realized that I really like to program things, as a result I'm considering becoming a computer programer."
  10. "I want to be a game desinger now thanks to techfit"
  11. "I felt more confident within the computer profession."
  12. "I will now try and be an engineer"
  13. "I want to work with things to do with technology "
  14. "I now want to be a software (coding) engineer."
  15. "it helped me with the basics in engineering and wiring "
  16. "I wanted to be more involved in building the same type things that we built in the TECHFIT-Program."
  17. "I still wanted to be an engineer, but my goals expected more."
  18. "A little, now I want to be a basketball player, or a computer wiz."
  19. "I wanted to be an engineer"
  20. "I want to become a mechanical engineer."
  21. "I want to be a engineror now"
  22. "my goal changed to engineering"
  23. "My career is that I want to be a computer engineer"
  24. "I want to be a technician"
  25. "I'm now wanting to pursue a career that involves technology"
Responses from students in the 2014 afterschool program to the question: Did participating in the TECHFIT afterschool program change the / courses you selected....?
  1. "i thought i was going to be a vet, but then i changed a i wanted to become a computer scientist "
  2. "Yes it helped me understand how things worked."
  3. "It made me become better with a laptop/computer."
  4. "it helped me understand my classes better when i had to use my i pad"
  5. "Yes, the mechanics I have learned during TechFit changed many different classes and their experiences. "
  6. "It made me want to do things in engineering."
  7. "i am taking <> class next year"
  8. "it made me realize that i should think of becoming an engineer"
  9. "I now would love to take some technology courses."
  10. "Yes I did it because I wanted to learn about computers and other technology"
  11. "i want to do more technology classes"
  12. "my intrest in techfit made me like science and teamwork even more"
  13. "i like technologymore"
  14. "It helped me want to take more technology incorporated classes."
  15. "I take 2 math lessons a day now"
  16. "I'm taking more tech classes."
  17. "TechFit encouraged me to select mor computer classes."
  18. "yes because usually I don't participate in things but Techfit was so fun I tried new things"
  19. "Yes it made me work harder in science and technology"
Responses from students in the 2014 afterschool program to the question: Did participating in the TECHFIT afterschool program change your performance in any courses....?
  1. "it made me more excited about learning "
  2. "math"
  3. "it helped me understand more of my classes and be engaged."
  4. "i started doing better in in my STEM class especially in the robotics unit."
  5. "techfit helped me in science"
  6. "I was friendlier with my math teacher so I did better in math"
  7. "Because it made me think more"
  8. "Yes Techefit helped me get thought the school year and helped me with my classes."
  9. "Yes it did because it made me more knowledgeable on other electronic or mathematic situation"
  10. "It brought made grades up, because I became better with a computer."
  11. "i started to enjoy stem class"
  12. " well techfit kind of gave me a lot more i guess incouragement to do more of everything and help"
  13. "Math, my problem sloving"
  14. "Yes, especially in Industrial Arts"
  15. "It helped me in math"
  16. "i did better in science"
  17. "It taught me alot about technology"
  18. "Programing a robot was a lot easier than it probably would've been because I learned how to program during TECHFIT."
  19. "ifeel that i enjoyed >>TECHFIT teacher>> class more because i knew more about how things work."
  20. "It helped me in math"
  21. "It taught me alot about technology"
  22. "I could help out during any classes where computers were used."
  23. "Yes because I had to fix a computer in the computer lab"
  24. "In science"
  25. "I began getting better science grades"
  26. "I have gotten better in classes because TECHFIT helped me understand technology "
  27. "it taught me how to work in a team and taught me how to program and wire"
  28. "I began getting better grades through the rest of the year and it really helped me get a better grip on my school work."
  29. "My Spanish teacher was a Techfit instructor and it helped me to raise my grade in her class."
  30. "It help me in math"
  31. "I got A's all year in classes that included technology and heath"
  32. "It helped me in science"
  33. "yes It did because usually I was really bad at science but Techfit gave ne a better meaning"
  34. "yes it made me work harder"
  35. "Helped me think things through"

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